Brand Identity


Beresovsky’s Deli brand Identity

On April 1st 2024 KNEAD Hospitality & Design opened a Jewish NYC’s inspired delicatessen, Berezovsky’s Deli in Washington DC. An homage and named after one of KNEAD’s founders Jason Berry’s great grandfather, Sam Beresovsky, combining history with a passion for the classic American delicatessen.
The brand identity takes inspiration from NYC’s Jewish delis. The logo reproduces the vintage neon signs and their typography with a modern twist and simplicity. The color palette, dark navy blue and mustard yellow is cheery and bright, resonating positivity and energy, sparks memories of warm summer days, creating a happy, sunny disposition.



LA EGOÍSTA is a play by Dominican American playwright Erlina Ortíz. It was presented in February 9 at Manhattan Theatre Club on W. 43rd St. NYC.
LA EGOÍSTA thrillingly combines stand-up and theater to explore the bonds between sisters, the cost of healthcare, and the hilariously fine line between selfish and selfless.
The logo represents the rivalry of the sisters, like a Janus head, two women connected by blood ties but looking in opposite directions. The design is clean and the two rectangular color patches represent each other and are interlinked showing the family ties they can’t scape from. The text is bold, strong, as a representation of their character.


Best of KNEAD Logo

Based in Washington, DC, KNEAD Hospitality + Design is a multi-unit restaurant group which conceptualizes, designs and operates a variety of full-service and fast-casual restaurants which create unique, unparalleled dining experiences. This logo was created to mark ‘la crème de la crème’ within its gastronomic offer for all its restaurants.


Edgewood brand identity

EDGEWOOD produces Broadway shows, theatrical and multimedia projects. I’ve created their logo, brand identity and web design.


Rosalita’s Tacos brand identity

During COVID times, Rosa Mexicano created a new brand for food delivery called ROSALITA’S TACOS. I’ve created their logo and corporate identity.


Metropolitan disco brand identity

Metropolitan was a disco in Playa de San Juan (Alicante, Spain). I designed their logo and brand identity. The disco was decorated with chandeliers, that is the reason for the swirl on top of the M. Unfortunately it was closed due to the pandemic.


Felipe Albernaz brand identity

 Felipe Albernaz is a Spanish-Brazilian fashion designer. I created the logo and brand identity when he started his business.


Real Madrid Foundation brand identity

Brand Identity Manual, invitations, evites, large format banners, backdrops, postcards, web banners, etc… 

Download the Brand Identity Manual here:  


Sube Tu Deporte brand identity

 Sube Tu Deporte (Upload Your Sport) was a video web page similar to YouTube where you could upload amateur videos of sports. I created the logo, brand identity and helped to design their web page.